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Finally, a back-up light that works, all the time! The DEFIANT back-up light was designed primarily as a back-up light for cave and wreck diving. But due to its whopping 300 lumen LED bulb, this light is stong enough to work as a primary. The light beam is narrow like a light sabre, with a wide outer ring to illuminate surrounding areas. Before we released this light in our product line, we subjected a hundred of them to abuse for 6 months of working day and night in a powerplant, at depths from 40-76 mfw. The result, not a single failure. Because in our line of work, equipment failure is not an option. Housing made from aircraft grade, black anodized aluminum with twist-on double o-ring deals. 6 x AAA batteries included, which can be replaced with standard rechargeable batteries. Comes with a neat belt carrying pouch. Maximum depth rating = 100msw. Contact us for pricing an details.

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