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Rigorous training and education is PHILTECH's hallmark.
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As our name implies, we specialize in TECHNICAL training. Which also means that in order to prepare divers for TECH, we groom them as early as the

OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE. We work on the assumption that every diver will move towards higher levels of diving, and we prepare them in advance. 

We take training very seriously, and we ensure that all our courses appropriate sufficient amount of time to achieve this

without taking the fun away.



Teaching technical diving has never been better. Because of our involvement in commercial diving, exploration, and public safety, our methods of training tech divers have become so advanced. We teach all levels of tech diving including decompression diving and trimix. We specialize in training technical wreck and cave divers, and can certify all levels up to Instructor and IT.


wreck diving philippines
in-water recompression


Getting bent is never an option. When in doubt, we won't wait around for evacuation and simply hope for the best. Within minutes from surfacing, we know that in-water recompression with oxygen is the best option. And doing this correctly requires proper training and equipment. We have been practicing OXYGEN IWR for years and we now teach it as a training program. We know this will eventually be the preferred method of first aid for decompression sickness in the near future

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