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We organize trips to special dive sites. 
scuba diving philippines
scuba diving philippines

Our home and training base in Anilao Batangas is Ligaya Resort and Dive Center.

Ligaya is finely tuned to cater to every diver's needs, and at all levels of diving. We do our weekly fun dives, and teach most of our courses from here. It is the perfect place for divers wanting to go at thier own pace and have a relaxing time. Even when not diving, LIGAYA is a great place to simply unwind.  

scuba diving philippines
We enjoy diving unconventional locations. Due to the time we devote to exploration, we have identified several spectacular dive locations that are rarely visited. With the right number of divers, we can show you where they are. Contact us to know more about these rare underwater gems.
cave diving philippines
Most of all, we love diving caves and wrecks. We organize trips and conduct courses in popular sites such as SUBIC and CORON. We of course do the same in the rarely visited caves of PALAWAN. In cooperation with the Filipino Cave Divers (FCD), we can join you in visiting their well explored cave sites in the Visayas and Mindanao, which we understand to be a real treat! 
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